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Oasis Palm hotel Kiddo Zone

You relax, they have fun; you taste each moment, they get to live didactic adventures cared for by our expert staff; you soak up the sun, they meet new friends in areas especially designed for them... that's how your entire family will enjoy each benefit of their all-inclusive stay to the fullest, while your kids get to live their own adventure at KiddO Zone.

In this area, our childcare specialists make sure that your little ones are cared for at all times, and spend the best time with the most fun activities. KiddO Zone is an area equipped with a small children pool, water slides and mini sunbeds, in addition to a videogames area, an exclusive restaurant and moments filled with imagination.

Baby Blue Crab Kids Club en Kiddo Zone
  • Swimming pool with slides
  • Movies
  • Restaurant
  • Video games area
  • Handicrafts room
Babu Blue Crab en Kiddo Zone
Brujula Icono Kiddo Zone
Pez Pirata Kiddo Zone

Piratas Bay

Piratas Bay en Kiddo Zone
Palma Kiddo Zone
Dinosaurio Kiddo Zone

Yucatan Jurassic River

Jurassic River
Diamante Kiddo Zone
Dragon Kiddo Zone

The Arcade

The Arcade Kiddo Zone


  • Disco
  • Restaurants for children and sweets
  • Swimming pool with slides
  • Video games area and internet room
  • Resting room
  • Handicraafts room
  • Outdoor play area
  • Amphitheater and movies
  • Babysitting service
  • Mini jacuzzi with water fungus
  • Bungee
  • Pirata's beach club